How To Lose Weight During Menopuase!

Here are my 5 Best tips for menopause weight loss:

– Eat protein

– Lift weights

– Less cardio

– Manage stress

– Eat regular meals

Protein – This is my number one tip; we need to focus on getting our protein in. Most women need 100g + daily. A 3 ounce chicken breast only has 18g per portion. Are you really getting as much protein as you need?

Weights – Putting on some lean muscle mass is going to help keep the weight down and keep you feeling amazing. Ditch the ankle weights and find a coach that can teach you how to lift safely and efficiently.

Less Cardio – I know, for years we have thought of cardio for weight loss. I hate to say it, but at this stage of the game the spin and hit classes are not going to give you that weight loss. Hit them up now and again to strengthen your cardiovascular system but we need to shift gears and work on strength.

Manage stress – Don’t feel that stressed? Awesome, but here is the thing; as we age our body perceives stress internally at a higher rate. A stress level of 5/10 in your 30’s is now internally perceived at an 8/10 . Finding mindfulness or activities that de-stress you are important to keep cortisol levels down.

Eat regularly – Ladies we need to ditch fasting and skipping meals! Consistently feeding your body at regular intervals is what will yield the best results. Starving the body of food just creates more stress internally. Get up and eat breakfast, and be sure to eat a pre and post workout snack.

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Jacqui is a nutrition coach and level 2 CrossFit trainer out of Brantford, Ontario. She specializes in working with people new to fitness, women struggling with weight gain during menopause, and those new to nutrition.

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