CrossFit Durst for Weight Loss During Menopause

Yep, you read that right. CrossFit Durst has one of the best programs for weight loss during menopause. Keep reading to learn more about how your body changes during menopause. 

You may have heard by now that you should be lifting weights, but maybe going to a gym is intimidating and just not your thing. We hear you, but you need resistance training, and most gyms catering to women offer HIIT classes, Spin, or Zumba. These training styles are just not going to cut it during menopause (more on that later). 

First, let’s discuss resistance training. What is it? Resistance training involves lifting weights to build strength. Some might be able to do this with bodyweight training, but most need to move an external object. Why is resistance training essential to menopause weight loss? Lifting weight helps manage our cortisol, and it burns more calories in recovery (between sessions) than in the actual lifting session. This calorie burn happens as the muscles are recovering from being broken down. Then, as we build more muscle, our body will burn more calories throughout the day and every day after. 

Okay, we are talking a lot about calorie burns, and you might be thinking, but I can burn 400-550 calories in one spin class. Yes, cardio and HIIT classes are great for burning calories at first, but the body is fantastic at adapting to these workouts and over time, you will yield fewer results. Your body will get better at preserving energy during these workouts, and you will have to keep working harder and harder to yield the same results. That sounds exhausting, and there is a better way. 

Now, where can you find a program that focuses on lifting, has certified coaches to help you develop properly, provides your training program, and is filled with other women after the same goals? CrossFit Durst has private or group classes that are the solution to getting all of this and more!  

Our program starts with an introduction to lifting. You work one-on-one with a coach to ensure you lift and challenge yourself appropriately. If you are new to lifting, we go over all the basics. We customize the sessions based on your experience and needs. 

Our coaches help you decide which weights are best for your goals and how to best maximize your progress. Our classes have a strength component focusing on safe, progressive overload (lifting heavier than last week/session) to build muscle. The workouts are customized to your needs, and a coach is there to help you every step of the way. Our group sessions are like getting personal training without the hefty price tag. 

Plus, all of our members start with an InBody composition scan and Nutrition consultations. We set regular goal reviews to keep you accountable and on track. 

We are a women-heavy facility, so you will meet other women just like you who are facing the same challenges in every class. You will also be inspired by women who are ahead of you in their journey and living in their goal bodies. 

Here’s the deal: Your body has changed, and the tricks you used in the past will no longer yield the same results. The sooner we can get you started with a proper program, the sooner you will love your body again. 

Use the link below to book a free intro. One of our team members will meet with you and create a custom plan to achieve your goals. CrossFit Durst is located in Brantford, Ontario and is women-owned and operated. We strive to help women love their bodies and find health and strength at every phase of womanhood.